New Additions Draw Excitement


Over the last two months, Kaya FC–Makati’s lineup has been given a significant makeover. Five players from last season’s roster have moved on to different clubs, with their places being taken by some of the country’s finest homegrown talent. With less than a month until the start of the new Philippines Football League season, the new look lineup has Team Manager Chris Greatwich quite excited, especially since a handful of the additions have come from within the Kaya setup.

“It’s difficult to replace some of the players that have left, but we’ve got a real youthful exuberance from the guys coming in. Of course there’s promotion from within. There’s Mike [Menzi] and Audie [Menzi] (who will join after the UAAP season). There’s Chy (Villaseñor), who had a really good campaign at the backend of last season, and then there’s Noy (Shirmar Felongco) who’s back in the mix. There’s four guys right there that have come from our own youth system and have progressed into the First Team, and I think that’s a testament to the good work that our developmental team has done.”

Greatwich also expressed his optimism with the impending acquisition of Arnel Amita, and the arrivals of Camelo Tacusalme, Connor Tacagni, and Ace Villanueva.

“We’re also bringing a very promising young player in Arnel Amita (also joining after the UAAP season), who I think is more of a project because, obviously at the moment he’s still injured. And in Camelo I think we’ve got one of the best center backs in the league. So although we’ve lost some key players from last year, I think the additions are really exciting. The other two we picked up this week, Connor and Ace, I think will add some depth to the striker and goalkeeping positions, respectively. All in all, I’m just excited for those players to come in day in and day out, and compete for a place in the starting 11.”

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