Chris Greatwich Outlines Road to Success in 2018


Almost two months since the end of the inaugural Philippines Football League season, there has been plenty of time to reflect and plan for 2018. Although Kaya FC–Makati finished the campaign in fourth place, team manager Chris Greatwich, believes there’s still plenty of reason to be optimistic ahead of the new season.

“I think what we took from last season was that the margins of winning and losing are extremely fine. On paper, if you look at it, it was disappointing to finish fourth place ultimately after the playoff against Meralco [Manila}. But if you look at the balance of play throughout the regular season, for large parts of the season, I thought we were arguably the best team in the league. I think, over the two legs, we were the better team against Ceres in the semifinals. But ultimately, a late goal in the first leg, and not taking the opportunities in the second leg, tempered with some individual errors, left us with a disappointing end to the campaign. But I think if we’re to step back and gain some perspective, realistically, the difference between winning and losing was a small margin,” he explained.

“What we need to do now is obviously reflect on that, and to put into practice what we’ve preached over the break, which is making sure in practice that we take care of those small details. We need to make sure that we get marginal gains, as many as possible, and hopefully that will accumulate throughout the season and will enable us to minimize sloppy individual errors at the end of games, or in critical moments in matches. And that will enable us to turn losses into draws, draws into wins, and ultimately get what we want to achieve, which is to qualify for the AFC or win the championship.”

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