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Established in 1996, Kaya Futbol Club–Makati has been home to some of the Philippines’ brightest footballing talents for the last two decades. Known in its first 10 years as a disrupting force to the dominance of Armed Forces teams, the club has since developed into one of the top football organizations in the Philippines. After winning the UFL Cup in 2015, the club qualified for Asia’s prestigious AFC Cup tournament, where the club reached the Round-of-16. In 2017, Kaya announced its participation in the Philippines Football League, representing Makati City, with home matches being played in the University of Makati.

The name of the club comes from the Filipino word káya, which means “We can.” In Old Tagalog, the word is closely defined as susi ng kapatiran (key to brotherhood). Both of these definitions provide the basis for Kaya’s team spirit and vision as a club.


The goals of the club are to become the most respected football club in the country, to provide a training ground for players with a desire to help in the development of Philippine football, and to focus on instilling a positive approach toward respect, loyalty, and determination for the team and society as a whole.


The name of the club comes from the Filipino word kaya, which means “We can.” In Old Tagalog, the word is closely defined as “susi ng kapatiran,” which means “key to brotherhood.” Both of these definitions are the core essence of the “Una kaya” spirit and vision of the club.

As one of the cofounders, Stephanie Hagedorn poignantly stated,

The essence of Kaya FC as a football club is the “Una kaya” spirit. A spirit driven by the adage “We can.” Words that indicate a collaborative vision and unified goal. It goes beyond team spirit—it is a brotherhood. A collective consciousness driving us to always do our best, to encourage one another and have pride in our club. Our goal is not for personal gain but for the betterment of society through the common bond of football. Kaya leadership celebrates respect for one another, humility in action, cooperation on and off the field, and most importantly, sharing with the greater community.