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Young Gun: Dominic del Rosario

Fresh from the holiday break, time for some Kaya domination as we nick your screens with a special feature on one of our youngest players. Presenting our young mate, Dominic del Rosario, who hails from Sydney. With fun footy experiences—from Kaya to the academy and the U21 Azkals, from England to Brunei—it’s time to jump […]

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As Told by Chris Greatwich, Part 2

This is the much-awaited conclusion to the exclusive feature on Chris Greatwich. Chris picks up where he left off to continue his football saga, starting with how he became part of the national football team that successfully changed the course of Philippine football and prompted its reemergence. Of course, we can’t leave Kaya and the […]

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Kenshiro Daniels feature cover

Kenshiro Daniels: Kicking Back

When faced with American-born British Filipino Kenshiro Daniels for the first time, choosing between “bloke” and “dude,” cola and tea, or even “bummer” and “bugger” clearly stands to boggle. It’s best you call the lad Kenny, give him a Hi-Chew (if none, a high five will do), and ask about his favorite meme. Armed with […]

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As Told by Chris Greatwich, Part 1

On September 30, 1983, Chris Greatwich kicked his way out of his mother’s womb, and the world was blessed with a remarkable footballer. A dynamic midfielder who would one day grow up to play a pivotal role in putting the Philippines back on the football map. While his heroic performance in 2010 helped change the […]

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